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The report builder is the best way to export data from AMP, and there are a number of ways to configure your report. Below, we will show you a very high-level way of building a basic report for exporting to Excel.

Step 1 (Required)

  1. Navigate to the Report Builder Page: Utilities > Report Builder
    1. NOTE: The Custom Report page is defunct and no longer maintained.
  2. Select the application fields you would like to export in "Step 1: Fields".
  3. Once you have selected your fields, click the "Add Selected Fields" button at the top of the section. After your fields have been added to the report column, the selected fields in the Report Builder column will highlight red, indicating that they have already been included on the report.

AMP - Report Builder - Step 1

Step 2 (Optional)

  1. AMP allows you to customize your reports to a very specific population of applicants via the Status and Conditions filters. In order to use these filters, you should be familiar with the different statuses available in AMP. If you are not comfortable including statuses, leave this section blank and filter manually in Excel after export.

    The historical "Has Had" status is used when you want to view all applicants who "have had" a certain status. For example, if you want to view all applicants that have started an application, you have to select "Has had" = Application Started. If you don't, you will not return those applicants that have already submitted their application (since they are no longer at the "Application Started" status; they are at "Application Submitted" or "Application Complete" or another status altogether). In this example, using the previously mentioned "Has Had" status, returns ALL applicants that have ever started an application for the application cycle you select in step 3 below, regardless at which status they currently are.

    AMP - Report Builder - Step 2 AMP - Report Builder - Step 3

    The more conditions and statuses you add, the more likely it can become that your results will be inaccurate. We recommend keeping this section as simple as possible and then filtering your Excel file as needed.

Step 3 (Required)

The final step allows you to export the report.

  1. Select your program
  2. Select the application cycle for which you would like to review applicants
  3. Click Generate Report
    1. This allows you to view a preview before exporting a file.
  4. If the preview (step 3) looks good, click on Export Report and select the file type.

AMP - Report Builder - Step 4

You can save your report for future retrieval by clicking the Save Report button. Saved reports can be accessed via the Printable Reports page. If you need to make updates to your saved report (i.e. add/remove fields), you can open your configuration by clicking the "Open Report" button at the top, right corner of the Report Builder page.


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