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This page contains materials for a workshop that helps clinical preceptors prepare for working with Bridges students during the clerkships. The workshop is designed for delivery by clerkship directors, coaches and other faculty who have experience with the Bridges curriculum. There are 4 modules, an introductory module and 3 modules about aspects of the Bridges curriculum that impact teaching during the clerkships. The modules can be delivered together or separately, which gives you flexibility if you are limited by time or are interested in one or two topics only. The resources (ppt and word files) linked on this page can be customized to your audience, this is indicated in highlighted (yellow) font.  

ModuleTime NeededActivitiesDescriptionResources
Introduction10 minutes


The powerpoint provides a brief orientation to the Bridges curriculum, focused on Foundations 2.

The handout contains information pertinent to all 3 modules but can easily be broken up.

Communication / Diversity, Equity and Inclusion30 minutes


Small group activity

The powerpoint combines information about the communication training Bridges students get with a short summary of key elements addressed in the Differences Matter orientation.
Diagnostic Reasoning20 minutes


Role play

The powerpoint summarizes key concepts of clinical reasoning Bridges students are taught. The video provides an example of how to precept students in a way that helps them further develop their skills, and the role play allows faculty to practice this.
Basic (“Foundational”) Sciences15 minutes


Practice case

This module provides ideas and examples for integrating foundational science into clinical teaching.

Created by Andi Marmor MD MEd and Taylor Clark MD for the UCSF School of Medicine Bridges Curriculum