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Current Charter (Feb. 15, 2019):

Recent meeting notes:

Current members:


  • Sarah Buck-Kachaluba, UCSD: sbuckkachaluba[at]
  • David Rios, UCR: david.rios[at]


  • Jose Adrian Barragan-Alvarez, UCB
  • Harold Colson, UCSD
  • Lindsay Davis, UCM
  • Roberto Delgadillo, UCD
  • Marci Hoffman, UCB
  • Emily Lin, UCM
  • Rick Caldwell, UCSB
  • Jennifer Osorio, UCLA
  • Liladhar R. Pendse, UCB
  • David Rios, UCR
  • Theresa Salazar, UCB
  • Kerry Scott, UCSC
  • Christina Joy Woo, UCI